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Production Process

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  • Carbonising processes done by Pyrolysis under controlled conditions-optimum batch size with parameters fixed using DOE ensures uniform coating and characteristics with reduced variations.
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  • Metalising process done by sputtering proprietary alloys under high vacuum ensuring excellent adherence, low TCR and uniformity.
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  • End caps fixed to the coated rods.
  • Dimensional accuracy ensured by SPC.
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  • Microprocessor controlled sorting ensures close grading of CFR/MFR capped rods there by ensuring uniform Helix cutting.
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Helix Cutting
  • Resistance value performed on the sorted rods by helical grooving – pressure controlled cam operated precession grinding wheels.
  • High magnification and uniform pitch ensures high stability and reliability of the resistor.
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Lead Welding
  • Fully electrotinned, oxygen free copper wire (Rohs compliant) spot welded to the resistors end caps.
  • Burr free welding with excellent welding strength is ensured by the process.
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Epoxy coating and colour coding:
  • Separate coating line for every size helps in speedy processing.
  • Multilayer epoxy coat ensures hermetical sealing of the film to environment.
  • Dual on line check to ensure accurate tolerance control.
  • Universal Colour coding for value & tolerance Identification.
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Packing (Bulk/Taping):
  • On line taping with 5mm/10mm pitch. Taping with 27mm and 52mm length making it suitable for auto inserting m/cs.
  • Higher wattage resistors are taped offline
  • Bulk taping on customer request.
  • Vertical formed resistors–bulk packing.
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