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About Us

Ace components was promoted in 1983 by a technocrat entrepreneur with rich experience in medium and large corporate and with technical training and participation from Japan. Right from inception the company established a full line for production of Carbon and Metal film resistors from film deposition to finished resistors, thereby having full control on the quality of the products.

Higher wattage lines and metal oxide lines were added to provide the customer with full range requirements of leaded film resistors.

The production facilities have been continuously updated to provide you with the best of quality, cost, delivery and service.

Ace resistors are tested for application requirements and relevant material and international standards.

All processes from order processing to delivery is fully automated to ensure error free and efficient handling of all orders and certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.
A motivated multi skilled workforce with average experience of more than 15 years work on a Toyota Production Line model ensuring shortest delivery of complete orders with varied product mix. 

Ace components customer base is mainly in the professional electronics segment catering to Defence, Telecommunications, Instrumentation and all applications requiring precision and reliable components. The market segments include Electronic Manufacturing Services (for both domestic and export), Telecom, Defence Electronics, Instrumentation, Electrical applications, high end UPS, Energy Metering, Electronic modules for branded consumer durables, Control Systems, Precision Electronic Weighing Systems, Medical Electronics, Machine Tool electronics and all other electronic applications.
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